Candace Poovey

Attack of the 50 Foot Teacher

Posted on: October 31, 2009

1.     Written and Illustrated by Lisa Passen

2.     Date of Publication:  2000

3.    Attack of the 50 Foot Teacher

4.     ISBN #:  0-8050-6100-2

5.     Read-aloud – Grade K-2

6.     Miss Irma Birmbaum assigns homework on Halloween night.  On her way home from school that day she encounters a space ship which turns her into a fifty foot woman.  As she’s walking home she sees some of her students, she scoops them up and takes them to the principal’s house to report them for not finishing their homework.  The principal asks her if she doesn’t remember back to when she was a child at Halloween.  Finally Miss Birmbaum tells the children their only assignment is to have as much fun as possible.

7.     I thought this book was very cute.  The pictures were great and I think children would think it was very funny.

8.     The only thing I can think of to use this in the class is in relation to Halloween.  You could read the book, then tell the children to enjoy their Halloween with no homework!!


2 Responses to "Attack of the 50 Foot Teacher"

This book sounds like it would be a good way to talk about why sometimes we have homework, and why sometimes teachers decide not to give homework. I agree that it would be good to tell them that they can enjoy their Halloween with no homework.

I like the title, and what a cute way of explaining what and why homework exists- a NOT SO CUTE thing.

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